• dessert cake with raspberry and blackberry
  • dessert cake with fruit pastry and sweet drink
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Pipo N Betty's Bakery

About us

Formerly known as Ready Set Yo, Pipo N Betty’s Bakery is family-owned and operated. We take pride in providing products that are delicious and locally sourced from Tampa Bay businesses.

"My father is Pipo and my mother is Betty. Growing up the kitchen was the heart of our home. The best memories were made while my mother was baking and my father sipping his coffee. This extended as my own children were growing up. We are now sharing this experience with you. Step into our kitchen and enjoy homemade traditional Cuban pastries and locally sourced coffee."

-Maria Loder

Need your morning cup of coffee, we got you. Need a fresh pastry, we got you. Need a delicious protein shake, we got you. We got a little something for everyone to get you going. Stop by and experience the best coffee shop and bakery on the beach.

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